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Hi, I'm Rinesch. I'm an aspiring UX Designer and Coder from Basel, Switzerland. I'm very passionate about designing pretty websites, apps and applications, while making sure the user experience is great as well. Recently I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland in Brugg, Switzerland, majoring in Computer Science and I'm currently looking for work.


Sep 14 - Sep 17

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialisation in Design and Management

Subjects completed

  • User Interface and Interaction Design
  • Advanced Experience Design
  • Information Visualisation
  • Custom User Interface Elements
  • Design Theory and Process
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Web Engineering
  • Marketing and Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Workshops (Usability, Webdesign)

Aug 09 - Aug 12

Informatikmittelschule Basel

Federal Certificate of Vocational Education and Training & Federal Vocational Baccalaureate

I learned the programming language C# and made first experiences in C++. Also completed various subjects like Business Administration, Accounting and Political Economy.


Jun 16 - Feb 17

iOS Service Desk Agent @ Vitra

During my studies, I worked here as a temporary (20%) iOS Supporter. My job was to set up iPhone & iPad for internal clients, exchange the devices if they got damaged and teach some basic iOS functionality. I had a lot of direct client contact, which helped me to get better at communicating.

Aug 13 - Jan 14

Application Developer SharePoint @ Center for IT services Basel

I was put in charge of the SharePoint platform, which was used to create project & team rooms. These were far from standard rooms as they needed a lot of customisation, which included HTML, CSS and JS modifications. My job also included a lot of telephone support, discussing with clients about requirements and preparing & holding presentations. I also got the chance to learn a bit about the Magnolia CMS.

Aug 12 - Jul 13

Internship @ Center for IT services Basel

As part of my 4th year at IMS I had to do a fulltime internship, which I did here. Mainly, I was doing customer support by telephone and helping out internal teams with their projects. However, I also got to know SharePoint, made first experiences working in a team and broadened my knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS.

Jul 11 (3 weeks)

Internship @ Canoo Engineering AG

This internship was in preparation for the year long internship. During my time here I learned Java by creating a minimalist Breakout game.


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About This Site

I created this website with Jekyll and it's hosted on GitHub Pages, if you're interested in viewing how this site was built, you can view the site's source.

Further, I used Gulp to make the build process easier for minifying and combining assets, but mainly for the livereload, so that I could see my changes directly in the browser without having to hit refresh each time. The Google Fonts 'Roboto' and 'Roboto Condensed' are used throughout the website. For the icons I used Entypo Icons and used icomoon to generate the icon font.

A big inspiration to create this website was my friend's website and I also used his SSGS grid system for the layout of this website.